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René Magritte. Attempting the impossible

René Magritte. Attempting the impossible

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Uitgeverij: Standaard Uitgeverij
Genre: Kunst & Cultuur
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ISBN: 9789059088535
In June 2009 a new museum for the Belgian Surrealist opened its doors in the centre of Brussels. The collection contains more than 200 works from every period of Magritte's life: paintings in oils, gouache, drawings, sculptures, musical scores… This Magritte monograph, whose publication coincided with the opening of the museum, includes not only more than 300 works but also a good deal of unpublished material. Each chapter deals extensively with a key work, such as The Treachery of Images (Ceci n'est pas une pipe), and each time the intellectual and historical context is outlined that led to the creation of this work and of related paintings and drawings.

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