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Heart of a Lion

€ 20,99
€ 20,99
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Uitgeverij: Bruna Uitgevers B.V., A.W.
Genre: Sport
Aantal bladzijden:
Auteur: Simon Zwartkruis
Auteur: Memphis Depay
ISBN: 9789400511859
Everyone has an opinion on Memphis Depay, but few are familiar with his intense and difficult life story. Now the time has come for him to tell that story in his own words. About a childhood full of aggression and fear, with the ball as a lifebuoy. About a turbulent journey through different schools and host families and football clubs. His breakthrough at PSV, the fiasco in Manchester, his revival in Lyon and on the Dutch national team, the unending commotion about his appearance and image, his musical ambitions, his small circle of trusted confidants, and his relationship with God: it's all here in this vulnerable, yet powerful and inspiring biography.

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